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How to Tell a Woman You Like Her in a Letter
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Not just telling and reassuring, but tell her you mean it and she means a lot to you. Losing her was not something I had in mind, I planned to grow old with her and cherish her with everything I have because she deserves the happiness that she gave me.

She’s everything to me so you better treat her with the respect that she deserves.

She made me really happy. She was my world, she was everything to me and it all came crashing down into nothing. You will feel empty and it will never be the same. Give her your all and she will do the same. So you better treat her right and with respect. To infinity and beyond. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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A Letter To Her Next Lover: Don’t Let Her Go | Thought Catalog

Please take care of her. Would you accept those things? Would you dance with me? I really want to know your attitudes to foreign ladies and your thoughts about possible relationship.

Have a pleasant day and catch a smile from a nice lady Tatiana! Join me and lets discover if we are mates? If we are looking for same things on this site? Looking for an easygoing gent with a passion for life. If you are that guy? I love life and enjoy the happiness it gives to me and my friends said that I am a girl who is sensible to live but rational to act.

A Letter To Her Next Lover: Don’t Let Her Go

When I am in the lowest point of my life, my friends helped me a lot. So I realized that life only has one chance and we should cherish our lives. I hope one day I can repay them.

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I hope my matrimony will be simple and happy and we will have the same life goal, and we are loyalty to each other. I enjoy the feeling of staying with my family. I understand that I told many pleasant and positive things in my address, so you might wonder why such a lady on this web site? Is she really ready what she says? Is she really looking for a husband? I could answer you — Yes. I am ready to have all this and think age it is not important in relations.

The most important is Love. I am looking for my soul mate to share my life with him. I am romantic and considerate. I will devote myself to our love. I am sincerely willing to find my true love.


Take care in composing your message because it could prove the deciding factor in whether or not she returns your affections. The message is definitely more important than the type of paper you write on. I hope you are not in as much utter misery as I am without you. I really want to know your attitudes to foreign ladies and your thoughts about possible relationship. We all have moments where we feel very deeply about the ones we love.

I hope to get letter from you. Send you sweet kisses, Marina. I am a feminine and adventurous woman looking for the man with whom I will be able to realize all my dreams and desires.

I have so many different ideas, business plans, and hopes for the future family. I have my own successful business. I want to find partner with whom I will be able to create strong and friendly family. Do you also want this? If yes, do not hesitate, but write me right now! As I told you I am ready to leave everything for my future family. This is something I have never felt before, and it is you that inspires it. When I think about you and our rich conversations, I feel a warmness inside. I cannot hide my smiles, even when we are apart. This connection is special, amazing, and I dare say, destiny.

Many have asked what happened to create this new and better me. I tell them, without hesitation, it is you. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst with all the longing and excitement I feel when I think of you. Looking forward to our next date, beautiful.

Writing a Passionate Letter

May each be better than the last if that is even possible. At night, I lie down and imagine you are here with me. I didn't know just how heavy this separation would be in my heart. I hope you are not in as much utter misery as I am without you. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and my fondness has no bounds. I lie awake and feel the gentle warmth of your breath as it would fall on my cheek.

I imagine the heat of your body pressed against mine; the hardness of your muscles nestling against the softness of mine. I turn and lay my head against the pillow, feeling your heartbeat drum a lullaby in my ear. A thousand butterflies kiss at my skin, and I long to feel the softness of your lips. While I know we will again be together, my yearning in your absence only cements the true depth of my passion.

Until I can see you and hold you again, you will remain omnipresent in my dreams. Every word you confide in me, every wonderful and terrible moment you share with me, melts me inside.