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I mean I get it.

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As an Aryan style blonde, blue eyed, white guy I've always wondered how this would effect my ability to date in Asia. Well, like I said earlier, you play up your differences. Dont go breaking into their comfort zone like you are in the west. A girl overhears the conversation and then suddenly she wants to get to know him and get his number! But, I was on a roll. This turns off western women, but Korean girls go for that approach. It is unlikely, though not impossible, that you can get a FWB.

In terms of foreigners here, white women are usually seen as the most attractive. Korea has made me feel like the most wanted women whether black, white, yellow, or other. It really makes no sense to me either. It was really flattering.

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We were both in a hurry but he just had to find out. There was another time when me and PIC were lost looking for our language exchange class. They walked with us for half an hour looking for the place and it started to rain.

We eventually found the place which we were right next to from the get go that we had passed several times. A couple of weekends ago we went out to meet some friends in Seoul. And we were sitting in a bar chit chatting and having a good time and I accidentally knocked over my drink. Some guy comes out of nowhere and helps me clean it up. And then recommends me another beer which he says was the best.

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I tell him thank you and he leaves. He was thirsting for you.

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How did you not notice? He even recommended a drink because he wanted to buy you one. That in my opinion is rude. I love the language and the culture and of course the music but my goal in life isn't to date someone Korean or marry or whatever. I'm open to all different kinds of people!

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There is so many places to go to. So many languages that Korean is just one of them. I actually believe that I won't have to get married if I don't want to. Plus I forbid myself to get married. I'm not harsh on myself.

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I love your posts so so much and I love how you always share your opinion and thoughts on different things: Of course, I'm attracted to Asian guys if I see one but I don't seek them out of the crowd or wish for my future husband to be Asian or anything. It makes me a bit uncomfortable when people want a Korean partner solely based off what they get from KPOP, and not who they are as a person. I once saw a post on KA where a girl posted a picture of her and her boyfriend but kept pointing out and flaunting the fact that he was Korean.

I disliked that just cos she didn't mention anything else about his personality, yano?

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I'm just rambling now but you basically explained it all! I love your posts too: It just feels good to have somewhere to speak about these things and I can only hope others will see and discuss them with me too! But honestly I didn't see her post but that's not okay at all, like are you dating him for his ethnicity or are you dating him for HIM????

But thanks again you really made my night!


I know people are influenced a lot by KDramas and KPop but things are different in real life. Don't just say you want to live in Korea just because of your 'oppa', 'unnie' etc. Korea is not all about them. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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